Förderverein Informationstechnik und Gesellschaft

The Internet Song

Sung to the tune "Yesterday" by The Beatles

All the porn I ever hoped to get
Twice as kinky as a Penthouse pet
Oh, how I love the In-ter-net!
On my screen
I'm enticed by kiddie pre-thirteen
Soon I'm reaching for my Vas-e-line
Oh, IBM's my sex machine!
When they're right up there
And they're wear-in just a smile
Hey it's buns of fun
'Cause I'm one sick ped-o-phile!
Where I'm turned on by the younger set
Safer sex I know I just can't get
Oh, how I love the Internet!
Erschienen im "Mad Magazine"

Förderverein Informationstechnik und Gesellschaft, Neko, 03.06.97